Things that happen in Family gatherings

Family gatherings and events are always a joyful experience. Since everyone is always looking for a reason to party, there are quite a few reasons you can use: holidays, birthday, anniversaries, Bar Mitzvah, Brit, engagement, marriage or just "we haven't seen each other for a long time so let's meet!". These events are a unique experience especially if you have a large family (and worse – so does your wife), and especially if every member of the family is a unique and special character.So here are some Things that happen in Family gatherings

It happens in the best families

Suddenly there is a holiday, a special day, or just "haven't seen everyone a long time". That is the beginning of the saga called "a family gathering". It starts with an innocent invitation, which will never be received from the event host (unless you have a family dedicated WhatsApp group named “family”, “La Familia”, or just “who can turn on the boiler”). The invitation will usually be sent through the family chief (Mom/Dad) and will always carry a hint of “you’d better be there, or else…”.

דברים שקורים באירועים משפחתיים

If the invitation is sent through WhatsApp, there will always be 2-3 people who are technologically challenged, and have to be updated by calling them. Oh, the bother of calling people is tough, but still easier than explaining how to use WhatsApp.

If it’s a birthday (probably a toddler, because for adults you just have a meal), you’ll probably find yourselves wondering around toy stores, thinking hard on “what do you bring a 2 year old?”. The answer, in most cases, will range between something for older kids which he won’t use, and something he already has. In more annoying cases – the ids who have everything – you will have to be creative (yes, a hobby kit is very creative. And the parents will “love” you).

If it’s only a gathering where you are the guests (holidays, anniversaries, etc.) you will find yourselves choosing between bringing wine or another house utility (otherwise called “another thing the host won’t need”). The latter is better, because everyone else will bring wine. After the gift exchange ends, someone will notify that he will be late. He will say on the phone “be there in five” (though he’s just left home and it’s a half hour drive) and don’t ask why is he late. Isn’t it obvious it is because of the kids?

Family gatherings are fertile ground for hidden competitions

The famous “who is a better mother” competition, usually followed by “who’s kid is cuter”, ” the kid who hasn’t cried today” and most importantly – “which father is more tired from the food”. They are also a fertile ground for fights, humor, and usually both of them together. Numerous jokes around the family table have ended with an angry face and a “just you wait” look.

After everyone arrived, caught up on the latest news, and food is served, there will always be that hungry guy who’ll start eating before everyone (“I swear, the kid was hungry”). And his wife that will scold him for it.

Even if it a small family gathering, there will always be that person who you are not sure about his relation to you. And for some weird reason, he will always talk to you like you are long lost friends.

And like anything in this world, good or bad, they have an end

Almost at the end of the gathering, there will that on person (usually a she) that will start cleaning before most of the people are done, and make everyone uncomfortable for eating and not cleaning up. Of course, when they get up to help, the cleaner will say “no need, I got this” and will make the rest of us feel guilty.

And at the end, after everyone are gone, and the cleaning is done, and everybody are tired, the host will swear it’s the last time they host a gathering. And yet, only a day after, the next gathering will be planned.

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